Knoxville Door Repair

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Are you a homeowner in the Knoxville area? Do you have a broken door in your home that you’ve been meaning to get repaired or perhaps replaced all together? If so, you may find that you’re putting it off because you know just how difficult and costly of a task it can be. Instead of calling a professional who specializes in door installations, why not take on the project yourself if you happen to have the time.  Of course this is only recommended if you have the necessary tools and feel confident in your D-I-Y skills. Here are just a few common methods for repairing doors with different problems homeowners often experience.

Loose Doors – If you usually hear a rattling sound when you open or close the door, this could mean that the hinge or the strike plate is loose. To alleviate the rattling, it’s recommended you tighten all loose screws and bolts in the hinges of the door and on the strike plate with a screwdriver. If it’s an exterior door that’s rattling, you may want to install a bit of weatherstripping material to the outer edges to ensure the door can seal all the way when closed.

Binding Door Jambs – Many doors give homeowners problems because the corners of them or their frame shift over time, which in turn causes door jambs. If your door has a jamb, determine where exactly it is by placing a piece of cardboard to the top and sliding it across the outer edge. Once you have spotted the jamb, then try to chisel away some built up paint or smooth the edges with some sandpaper.

If you don’t have the time, the necessary tools or any home repair knowledge, it’s probably best to leave the door repair to a professional. Don’t hesitate to call your local locksmith Knoxville to discuss your door repair options.

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