Door Repair

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Door Repair and Installation

No matter how sturdy a door is, it is bound to experience wear and tear, causing it to weaken over time. However, you can’t neglect the issue, as faulty doors can lead to serious security breaches. A problematic door is an open invitation to thieves! You wouldn’t want to find your car gone because you forgot to get the garage door repaired, right?

What can we do for you?

Our door repair and installation services span in multiple places in Tennessee as well as surrounding areas. It extends beyond the Knoxville area and covers Maryville, Lenoir City, Cleveland, Chattanooga, and so on. Take a look at our services:

Detailed inspection of your house to assess the damage.

Standard maintenance for all kinds of doors.

Installation of doors if a full replacement is needed.

Check for rusty or faulty hinges and bolts and subsequently repair them.

Restore warped or jammed doors to previous working conditions.

Perform a routine assessment of existing security hardware on doors to ensure if they are adequate, after which we repair or install locks as required.

Why come to us?

There are numerous door installation and repair companies that provide similar services, so why should you trust DoorHeal? Take a look:

We have trained and licensed technicians on board with years of experience under their belt, who are extremely efficient in handling several door repair and related tasks.

We offer a wide range of services on different kinds of doors – hollow metal doors, storefront doors, glass doors, wood doors, residential doors, shutters, deadbolts, locks, panic devices, and much more.

No-obligation quotes are provided absolutely free of cost – it is your decision whether to accept or reject the estimate.

No need to shell out a fortune – we have tried our best to maintain affordability and competitive pricing so it is easy on the pocket.

Save time – we have an impressive response time, so all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will revert back ASAP to discuss your requirements in detail.

It is one-stop hub that accommodates all your needs – you don’t have to hire different technicians for door repair and installation purposes.

Till date we have not received complaints regarding our work, as DoorHeal employs some of the most skilled professionals in this field. Please contact us – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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    My Company has used Tony many times for last minute emergencies and even follow up adjustments. His pricing is always fair and his work is outstanding. He’s quick to respond via email or phone call. I would highly recommend Tony and his company.

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